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  1. All applications must be submitted ONLINE at on the purchase of the University of Ghana application e-voucher.

  2. All applicants will be considered on the basis of result equivalents as provided by the National Council for Tertiary Education (NCTE), as per schedule below:




                   A1    1 - Excellent


    1 - Excellent 
                  B2 2 - Very Good


    2 - Very Good
                  B3 3 - Good


    3 - Good
                  C4 4 - Credit


    4 - Credit
                  C5 5 - Credit


    5 - Pass
                  C6 6 - Credit


      - Fail
                  D7 7 - Pass


                 E8 8 - Pass    
                 F9 9 - Fail    

  4. All applicants (Ghanaians and applicants in the West African sub-region) who will be writing WASSCE in May/June 2013 are eligible to apply.  Such applicants must indicate their WASSCE index numbers and the subjects they will be writing on their application forms.

  5. For all other International applicants, only results provided by applicants at the time of submission of their applications shall be considered. However, applicants for the Certificate in English Proficiency Programme who are awaiting results are expected to apply before the deadline. 

  6. The programmes at the College of Health Sciences, except those offered at the School of Allied Health Sciences, are offered as first choice programmes only. For second and third choices, applicants are strongly advised to choose courses from the Sciences.

  7. Qualified Applicants to the Bachelor’s degree on the Legon Campus who are unable to meet the competitive cut-off points determined by the Admissions Board for admission to preferred programmes of study may opt for the Fee-paying Scheme.  Interested applicants must indicate this option on their application forms.

  8. All applicants who have ever attended or graduated with Certificate/Diploma from the University of Ghana from 1996 to date should indicate their **STUDENT IDENTITY NUMBERS** on their application forms.  The same number will be used in the intended programme of study if admitted.

  9. All applicants must indicate whether they wish to be considered for residential facilities or not. While the University of Ghana cannot guarantee residential facilities to all applicants, every effort will be made to assign students to facilities of their choice or suitable arrangements will be made to accommodate them in privately owned hostels.

In all cases, students admitted and assigned rooms must pay the relevant Residential Facility User Fee as part of the admission and registration processes. Students, who apply for residential facilities and are assigned rooms, are obliged to take up those rooms or forfeit their places at the University.


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